What is Maxi Board?

Our easyQuartz Maxi Board is a highly resilient polypropylene board that is both extremely strong and totally waterproof, but less than 5kg per 3-meter length.

It has a patented design that makes it 100% recyclable but resistant to chemicals with the honeycomb providing great mechanical strength and rigidity. This, with an 8mm quartz covering makes it perfect choice for the next generation of worktops.

White Sparkle

The White Sparkle quartz kitchen worktop is one of the most popular choices for any modern home. It features stardust particles spread across its matt white surface, giving it an extra dose of glamour and Hollywood-style romance!

The material’s durability makes this perfect if you want long lasting beauty in your space while also being easy to maintain. The high quality makes it one our best sellers too – not only because we think highly enough about ourselves but also due maintenance-free nature that will last for years without worry or care on behalf customers like yourself who want their space be aesthetically pleasing while still having practical use applications such food preparation areas etc…

Happy Customers

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